About Us

The LeFevre Peninsula & Port Adelaide Community Noticeboard was developed and is maintained on a voluntary basis by community members. The website connects community members and encourages involvement with local groups, events and issues and so builds the resilience of our community.

The website was developed by Catherine McMahon and Ashleigh Coombs, with Ashleigh applying his analysis and design skills while Catherine identified and involved local groups and organisations and monitors Significant Environmental Issues on the Lefevre Peninsula. Both contribute to the upkeep of the Noticeboard Calendar and are supported in this by volunteers at the Semaphore Information and Eco Centre which is located at the Semaphore branch of the Port Adelaide Enfield Library.

Ash, CM and Info & Eco Centre

The geographic area for the website is the LeFevre Peninsula and Port Adelaide, an area bounded by Semaphore South, Queenstown and Rosewater.

The website has two main features, the Calendar and the Environment, Arts and Community Clusters. The Clusters promote community groups/organisations and raise awareness of local issues. The Calendar supports community groups to advertise meetings and events, including fundraisers, and also promotes events with public appeal, especially free public events.


If you have events that you wish to promote please contact the Semaphore Information and Eco Centre at semaphoreinfoecocentre@gmail.com