Significant Environmental Issues on the Lefevre Peninsula

1. Competing Land Uses.
The relationship between industrial and residential land uses on the Lefevre Peninsula and adjacent areas was the subject of a Report by a Select Committee of the SA Legislative Council in 2014 and no clear resolution of the issues identified has been achieved.

2. Air quality and Health implications.
Local air quality, and possible implications for health, is regularly discussed at local forums and this article provides some background to these issues and the links to EPA reporting of its air quality monitoring.  Community concern in late 2016 and early 2017 has been focussed on the risks arising from air pollution along Victoria Road, and Council funding for monitoring was approved for funding in 2018/19.

3. Adelaide Brighton Cement has a licence that was renegotiated with the EPA in 2017 and will be in effect until 2022. Community concerns persist about the plant, prompting ongoing community assessment of ABC’s progress with its environmental improvement initatives.

4. Council managed the development of a Lefevre Peninsula Stormwater Management Plan across 2015 and 2016 to address the Peninsula’s complex stormwater issues. Funding to implement the plan in a timely manner remains a challenge.

5. Penrice’s liquidation left hectares of Penrice waste material on State Government owned land on both sides of the Port River and the treatment of that material and future of the land is of community interest.

6. Rising sea levels will require strategies to protect our coasts and shorelines, and the properties and infrastructure along them. ‘Living Shorelines’ provide an exciting possible strategy. The Estuary Care Foundation is seeking to trial Living Shorelines along the Port River.